Otostick® 1 Unit


  • Otostick is a external aesthetic restoration device for protruding ears made of silicone and adhesives; it sticks to the ear and the adjacent part of the head, providing an immediate aesthetic  effect and a more natural appearance.
  • Otostick is a product created from a need; to improve in a simple way the separation of the ears, popularly known as "protruding ears".
  • It is easy to use, discreet, as it is made of transparent silicone, and comfortable.
  • You will not feel that you are wearing them.
  • As long as, at the time of placement, the area is free of water, moisture and sweat, Otostick will resist water, sweat and heat.
  • Otostick ensures that the duration of the device and the position of the ear are optimal, therefore it is important to follow the instructions indicated in the leaflet.
  • One of the key steps in the placement of Otostick, is the cleaning of the area with an astringent product, removing fatty wastes caused by sweat and moisture.
  • It is appropriate to provide for at least 4 hours after placing Otostick to wet it or play sports that will cause sweating of the skin.
  • There should be no hairs under the device.
  • The package contains 8 units.
  • Recommended use from 3 years of age.
  • Each device has an estimated duration between 3 and 7 days.

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15,00 €

Otostick for protruding ears Each package contains 8 units. Transparent silicone, hypo-allergenic device for external use; stuck to the area behind the ear and the contiguous area of the head using a special adhesive which keeps the ear in a suitable position naturally. Pain-free and without side effects. For use from the age of 3. Otostick ® is a Health Registration Class I product in Europe.